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WISEMARY – Won’t Bow Down

“WISEMARY’s roots lie within their own city’s blues, alternative rock, and hip hop history. In 2020, the five-piece all American rock band formed in St. Louis, filling clubs and venues by ripping soulful rock and roll covers. They cultivated their original sound while working with Grammy nominated superproducer Carl Nappa and his independent label. After almost two years spent working tirelessly in the studio with their tight-knit team, WISEMARY is set to release a self-titled debut album in 2024.”

This taste of Missouri hard rock project WISEMARY’s debut album, a single released on October 18, 2023, is a real testament to the band’s work ethic. Won’t Bow Down is living proof of how much work WISEMARY has been putting in during studio time. Their sound is obviously perfected, with grinding guitar riffs, soaring vocals, and a steady and heavy drum beat. We’re very excited to hear more from them!

Check it the single below as well as a behind the scenes look!

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