beans. is the physicist turned composer. A one-man project that is as ambitious as it is creative. Drawing from influences like Tool and TesseracT, I knew right away I would enjoy this project.

The Sudden Departure EP is based on the show ‘The Leftovers’ by Damon Lindelof and Tom Perrotta and tells the story of several characters who, after 2% of the world population suddenly vanishes, live in the aftermath of the crisis.

beans. continues:

“It portrays the struggles of several individuals after an unexplicable vanishing of 2% of the world’s population. To the artist, this sudden departure is a metaphor for all the inexplicabilities in our human lives, nature and the universe. In their pursuit to find purpose and happiness in their lives, the characters take radical measures.

Some people try to continue their normal lives but break eventually, others seek answers in religion or cults. After a long struggle, they eventually realize that they have been so distracted and consumed by their own personal agendas that they have missed what is truly important to them and already existed in their lives.

In conclusion, the enduring search for a meaning to life, a battle between science and faith if you wish, has to be settled by each person individually. There is no Morgan Freeman that randomly appears to give you the answers to all your questions.”

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