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Vic Mensa’s Lollapalooza Performance


Vic Mensa is back. 


Vic Mensa’s Lollapalooza 2020 performance is a three-piece suite of revolutionary Hip Hop music. In a world of complacent musicians who are either largely silent or don’t quite know what to say to meet the moment; Vic does just that. With true, revolutionary fervor; “No More Teardrops” is a Hip Hop gospel blend that would play well in street wars with the federal police. 


Like Jay-Z said Vic is a “once in a lifetime artist” and his leadership during the George Floyd uprisings won’t be forgotten. In this performance, Vic’s wide range of styles are on display. Whether it’s an aggressive trap anthem like in “16 Shots” or a moody and soft acoustic ballad like “We Could Be Free”; Vic is able to tie all those feelings and nuances to the movement. 


This year we need all the light we can get and the latest from Vic Mensa is sunshine in a raging storm. If you haven’t heard the news already; Vic Mensa is back. 


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Watch Vic Mensa’s 2020 Lollapalooza Performance including “NO MORE TEARDROPS” by Vic Mensa (ft. The Rebirth Brass Band, Malik Yusef & Wyatt Waddell), “16 SHOTS”, “WE COULD BE FREE”.

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