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Vented – A New Trend

“Vented is an international supergroup featuring Sean Zatorsky (Sinsaenum/Daath/ex-Chimaira), Austin D’Amond (DevilDriver/Bleed The Sky/ex-Chimaira), Gergo Hajer (Omega Diatribe). Their full-length debut album “Cruelty and Corruption” warps you back to the finest era of groove metal, featuring pure sonic aggressiveness, soul squeezing melodies, destructive vocals and monster grooves.”

This release from Vented, coming up on a year debut anniversary in December, certainly lives up to their promises of vocal aggression and face-shredding instrumentals. Wasting no time at all, the track jumps right into it’s criticism of trendy philosophies that leave way for hidden apathy. “Thoughts and prayers are never enough!”

Check it out below!

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