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VAIN LOUIE – Wayfarer

Wayfarer is the latest single by the Dutch metalcore band Vain Louie, released on September 1, 2023. The song is a powerful and energetic track that combines harsh vocals, heavy riffs, and catchy melodies. The lyrics are about a journey of finding balance and love in a world of chaos and uncertainty. The band describes the song as “a call to arms to brave long roads and cold nights, a quest for equilibrium that resonates in every heartbeat, where the destination is the solution.ย Eternal love.”ย Wayfarer is part of an EP that will be released one single at a time.ย The band is also selected for the Popronde, the biggest traveling music festival in the Netherlands. Wayfarer showcases the talent and passion of Vain Louie, who have been making waves in the metalcore scene since their debut album Time Devours Everything in 2022.

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