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Trump Mugshot

Former President Donald Trump was processed at the Fulton County Sheriff’s office today. There are 13 charges against him on top of the rest he’s been charged with. That’s all important and historical but you and I both know what we really want out of this whole ordeal…


A mugshot.


As I sit in my corporate office working on mindless excel sheets and email management; I spend every free second that I have refreshing Twitter. One of my coworkers doesn’t know which state Chicago is in, she thought Seattle and Chicago were in the same state. I’m among the middle management class, the college educated, overwhelmingly white and asian, and despite these folks working for their money they are all in close proximity to wealth. A coworker’s brother is best friends with a multi-billionaire, another’s parents own not just the condo she lives in, but the entire luxury condo building. 


Why share this? Well, I appear to be the only one in the room interested in this pivotal moment in American history. This is Neil Armstrong on the moon, Reagan tearing down the Berlin wall or JFK getting his head blown off by elements of his own government. It’s an image that be etched into history for hundreds of years to come. Yet, for some reason, I am surrounded by mediocre apathy.


The apathy amidst my peers is disheartening but I don’t let it bother me like I used to. Once I too wanted to be a lemming but I’ve seen the sharp rocks at the bottom of the cliff. I wish them all the best. 


I sit here, heart racing, fake mugshots cloud my focus trying to throw me off my game but I will be the music blog that posts the real one first. 


Update: 5:40pm PST – I posted the real mug shot first on Instagram. First music blog to post the verified mug shot… just saying. 


Trump Mugshot

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