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Traverse The Abyss – Laid To Rest (Lamb of God Cover)

*** Laid to Rest is a song by American heavy metal band Lamb of God, from their fourth studio album Ashes of the Wake, released in 2004.ย The song is meant to be a first-person narrative of a murder victim, haunting his killer from beyond the grave.ย The lyrics also have a connection to the Iraq War, like most of the songs from Ashes of the Wake. ***

Traverse the Abyss is an American metal band from Scranton, Pennsylvania, formed in 2016. They have released two albums, The Gamble of Life and Dead Weight, and are known for their energetic live performances and diverse musical influences.ย In 2023, they released a cover version of Laid to Rest as a single, along with an official music video. The cover features the bandโ€™s signature blend of heavy riffs, melodic vocals, and rap elements.ย The video shows footage of the band playing live at various venues, including the Inkcarceration Festival in Ohio, where they shared the stage with Lamb of God.

The cover version is faithful to the original song, but also adds some unique touches, such as a rap verse by vocalist Eric Abyss and a guitar solo by Mike White. The band pays tribute to Lamb of God, one of their main influences, while also showcasing their own style and skills. The cover has received positive feedback from fans and critics alike, who praised the bandโ€™s talent and creativity.

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