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Traverse The Abyss – Frankenshuffle

“Traverse the Abyss is an American Heavy Metal band from Scranton, PA that blends together Groove Metal with aspects of Thrash Metal & Metalcore/Deathcore to create a unique, powerful blend of modern Metal. Alongside influences from Rap/ Hard Rock, Traverse the Abyss comes in swinging hard with catchy guitar riffs, crushing breakdowns & a wide variety of harsh vocals which accompanies the high energy, crowd engaging live performances they are known for.”

This track from Pennsylvania metal band Traverse The Abyss turned 2 years old yesterday and, with tomorrow being Halloween, is the perfect addition to our Monday round up! With grooving guitar riffs and squealing vocals, this track is just as fun and catchy as the hilarious music video that accompanies it.

Check it out below!

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