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20. Roy Oro 

Though 2019 saw zero releases from Roy; we have good reason to believe 2020 will be very different. One of the first low-key artists we found through our blog; his song Judgment has aged like wine and is still featured on our Spotify playlist to this day. We have insider knowledge that 2020 is going to be a big year for the Los Angeles bound creative so we’ve made a bold prediction that this little known artist is going to put himself on the map by the end of the year. Come back to this list in December and see if our predictions pan out. 


19. Pezzhead

If you’re a fan of All Metal Everything you know we’ve been fucking with Pezzhead since day one. Our first video release on our channel last year was his song “College” and it’s gathered a few thousand views since then. His numbers have shown steady growth and we believe he’s well on his way to becoming a staple in the scene. His next release under Darktone Records is expected to perform very well and we’re excited to share his energy with the world. 


18. Aly Vorhees

Aly is well on her way to becoming an aesthetic icon in the scene. Her voice is extremely unique in a scene of guttural screams; she manages to stand out amongst the crowd. 2020 will be a year of steady growth for the Florida native and we’re excited to see what she makes of it.


17. Dana Dentata

With a major co-sign from Marilyn Manson; Dana has become an icon in the alternative fashion scene with her music steady climbing up on peoples’ rotations. She recently toured with Ghostemane in Australia and New Zealand and clearly has friends in high places. Her internet clout got significantly bigger in 2019 so we think 2020 will be another year of building her empire. Dana is someone to watch and if there’s anything we’ve learned from her it’s “Trust No Dick”.


16. Jugger

The Toronto native is set to blow up this year with the likes of WondaGurl behind him. Jugges has labeled his style “DeathTrap” and we think it fits perfectly. 2019 we saw him get released from jail to great success. We’ve been covering him since early last year so if you’re not up on Jugger now is the time.



We found insvnexyx (pronounced ?!) late in 2019 but he has quickly rose to the top of the list of artists to watch out for. One of the few Italian trap metal artist in the game; insvnexyx latest porject “(Black Parade)” displays a wide range of sounds and emotions. The scene is just beginning to be solely a rage genre towards something with more emotional depth and the Italian trapper does it perfectly. This next year we’ll see international/non-english trap metal begin to take a center stage. 


14. Bvdlvd

Hailing from London, BvdLvd (pronounced “Bad Lad”) made some serious noise in 2019. His song “ENVY” was a hugely hyped single and as of this article has reached 370K views on his own YouTube. Ever since then he has dropped nothing but gaseous bangers. Member of the UK based collective LOVE SEPTEMBER; BvdLvd has a crazy year ahead of him.


13. Prxjek

Prxjek is not just a trap metal artist. Jek has established himself as one of the most versatile musicians on this list and always surprises us with each release. Whether it’s the insanely heavy “Be Silent When The King Is Speaking” or his emo rap ballad “Antisocial” or even his boom bap record “Scatterbrain”; Prxjek puts all his passion into it leaving no stone unturned. 2020 is going to be another great year for the Florida native.


12. Nick Prosper

One of early adopters of the trap metal sound; Nick Prosper got his start a few years ago in an NYC metal band as the vocalist. When he turned to Hip Hop he experienced great indie success and is still a staple to this day. For the past couple of years he has switched to more melodic emo trap stylings but has indicated his desire to go back to a heavier sound. We think that this would be great for the scene and especially great for Nick. He feels at ease when he’s aggressive; Dead Youth Anthem is a classic underground trap metal song. His growth as a musician is undeniable and we think 2020 is going to be a fantastic year for the NYC native.


11. 7XVN

We’ve been following 7XVN since the very  beginning and his career has done nothing but skyrocket. Even while he’s away for months at a time completing his basic training for the Military; people listen to his music on repeat and show no signs of stopping. After having beef with Prxjek over IG – the two made amends and eventually Prxjek gave 7xvn the cosign. Ever since then his passionate fanbase has devoured through his music and shared it all across the world. If he manages to put together a project with his busy schedule this year; 2020 might be the year of 7XVN.


10. Drownmilli

2019 has been a great year for Drownmilli. Despite the incarceration of his music partner and friend Burnkas, his releases this past year have been consistent and steadily improved each time. His latest as of this article “War Outside” show Drown experimenting with different genres and pushing himself creatively to great success. 


9. SosMula (Solo Artist)

Obviously, City Morgue has blown up and has sold out shows overseas. They have recognition from some of the biggest players in the game and performing at the same level as acts like Ghostemane and Rico Nasty. However, this year, the duo are planning to release solo projects. ZillaKami has long been the face of the rap group; bolstering his iconic grills and dreadlocks. We believe that SosMula has sometimes gotten the short end of the stick in terms of overall popularity. 2020 might change that. Their latest project “As Good As Dead ” showcased some of SosMula’s craziest bars to date. He is versatile, lyrical and has an authentic grittiness that we can’t get enough of. 


8. Loko wit tha Mask

Chicago native Loko Wit Tha Mask is poised to be a sensation. His video for “Hot Shit” is sitting at 120K as of this article and every song he’s released since has been an anthem. I’ve been bumping Loko on the regular and people always come up and ask who he is. His ability to craft trap metal music that even the most quiet people can get into is impressive. Not to mention his look; he recently got a tattoo over his eyelid and shit looks crazy af. If there’s anyone who is committed to building this scene and helping us all succeed it’s Loko. We recommend keeping your eyes open for his rise.


7. PrincessBri

From Ottawa, Canada; fairy trap artist PrincessBri made waves in 2019. Her latest project “Little Baby Bitch” performed excellently with a Zheani feature to top it off. The combination of clean vocals with heavy hitting production has the potential to hit with a super wide audience. 


6. Lil Keyu

New York native Lil Keyu has been popular for a couple years now. She has friends in high places and her Instagram is one of the most popping in the scene. Her aggressive style and hard nose charisma makes her viral potential very high in the coming year. We’re excited to see what happens.


5. Gizmo

One of the earliest trap metal artists in the scene. Hailing from Rhode Island, Gizmo might be one of the state’s most successful Hip Hop acts. He has been on a steady rise these past few years and is just now reaching a breaking point in his career. His move to Los Angeles seems to have put him in higher places and we’re excited for it. With some of the highest production quality in the game; we could see Gizmo doing exponential numbers by the end of 2020. He’s in an incredible position to do so and is why he’s number 5 in our most likely to blow list. 


4. Zheani

The Australian artist Zheani has 2 songs with over a million views and continues to garner 6 figure viewings whether she publishes on her own channel or through the TRASH YouTube. Her audience is international and passionate about her and her work. Her first bout with international fame came when she exposed Die Antwoord for being serial manipulators and chronic abusers to those they worked with and anyone who got into their orbit… and she did it all through a diss track. Because she used her art to expose her abusers; Zheani is held in a higher regard by her followers than the average artist. We believe all of these strengths put together are the right mix for an explosive 2020 and are excited to be able to be apart of that experience in whatever small way we can be. 


3. Nascar Aloe

In December 2018 Nascar aloe had less than 10K followers on IG. As of this article he has just reached 100K and has 2 videos sitting at 1Million views. To be fair, by most underground standards Nascar has blown up. But, in my view, I could see Nascar performing with the majors by the end of this year. And, in a few years, he could be an A-List punk rock icon. So we’ve put him at 3 because we know what he is truly capable of. 2020 will be another great year for the Cambodian Punk. 


2. Jack Acid

After a year of relative silence from the Phoenix native; Jack Acid is back on the scene with a complete vengeance. His latest release “Gutless” made its debut on the World Star Hip Hop YouTube and as of this article has garnered over 100K views. We have been covering Jack since the early days of our blog and of everyone has experienced the craziest, completely organic growth. We’re excited for our number 2 pick for most likely to blow in 2020. 



Known as the inventors of “trap metal”; Cameronazi and Subjectz have been slept on by mainstream press. Their latest release “Born Out the Pit” showcases the best the rap duo has to offer. A heavy hitter track with a catchy hook – GCSY are our number 1 most likely to blow in 2020. What else do I need to say? GOD CAN’T SAVE YOU





With cosigns from the City Morgue team (he was the opener for their first headline show in NYC which we documented at length on our YouTube and website) NYCL_Kai shows great promise for the coming year. He is showing steady growth on his social media which will prepare him for a stronger push hopefully by this summer. 2020 is going to be another great year for the NYC underground scene. 


Bobby Vylan

2019 was a quiet year for Bobby Vylan but recently he made the cut to tour with Nascar in the beginning of 202 with Death Tour and others. The UK artist is both charismatic as he is innovative and with a couple more releases this year we see his huge potential. 



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