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The Broc Steezy Breakthrough


Canadian heavy-hitter, Broc $teezy, bring nothing but honesty and rawness to the scene.ย  As if behind a dark cloud, $teezy has put the clout aside only cracking through the noise to drop a destructively effective track here and there. I got to ask him some questions in preparation for his coming Album.ย 

Are you the heaviest trap metal artist out of Canada?

Easy. . . Yes

When did you start to make music? Who were your early inspirations?

Iโ€™ve been making music for a while now but I started seriously like a year ago, wasnโ€™t much inspiration just more of where to go I looked at artists in the scene such as, Scarlxrd, Zillakami, Sosmula, Cameronazi, $ubjectz, xxxtentacion, syringe, omenxiii, $b, bones, etc.

How did this collab with 94Brizzy happen?

@trapmetalupdates suggested it because 94 is fire.

When it’s all said and done; what kind of legacy do you want to leave behind?

I got no message Iโ€™m just angry with a passion for music live your life to the best it can be and rage out!

Biggest inspirations in music? Hip Hop and in other genres?

I have no inspiration, I try not to copy or base off anyone, I just do my own thing.

When can we expect a full-length Broc Steezy project?

Very soon.

What’s your favorite movie? Why?

To many movies to choose from I love horror movies though.

Why do you make music?

Honestly I just love music and I want a lot of money.

Coke or Pepsi?



If you want more from Broc $teezy check out hisย Instagram, Spotify and YouTube.


Underneath the flashy Trap sound that has dominated the pop charts for the past few years; there is a beast bellowing, waiting for its time.

An undertow of abrasive and subversive music is aching to hit a wider audience.

Welcome to the hub of contemporary heavy metal hip hopโ€ฆ

Welcome to All Metal Everything.

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