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The Blackwall – The Pumpkin King

The band was conceived in the Halloween of 2019 in Blackwall neighborhood of East London, by 2 childhood friends who shared a common interest in music. A vision to express spooky melodies and atmospheres via Heavy Rock tunes! Soon enough, the band teamed-up with Finnish guru Hiili Hiilesmaa (HIM, Amorphis, Sentenced, Theatre Of Tragedy) to produce their debut EP, presented with a cover art by internationally renowned artist Travis Smith (Opeth, Katatonia, Riverside, Megadeth). ‘The Blackwall’ was released during the Spring of 2022 via Club Inferno Ent, receiving critical approval by international press. The song ‘Spooky Stories’ was featured in Sonic Seducer’s ‘Cold Hands’ compilation CD. The band will be releasing singles consistently throughout 2023 to promote their first LP, which is scheduled to be out in the Autumn of the same year.

We wish we could’ve gotten to this one by Halloween! This slow marching progressive goth metal anthem is from East London band The Blackwall, released last month as part of their single campaign for their first LP. With deep grumbling vocals and a slow percussion and rhythm section, The Pumpkin King is perfect for spooky season or, in our case, a late return to spooky vibes. Impressively composed and beautifully written, the song also features an acoustic guitar breakdown/outro at the end with piano harmonies, which really drives the somber vibe home.
Check it out below!

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