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TENSIDE – Come Alive Dying

“For over fifteen years, this band (TENSIDE), formed in 2005, has captivated an international fan community with their modern metal sound, blending influences from metalcore, thrash, and industrial metal to create their unique and instantly recognizable trademark style.” Featuring an Arabic mizmar intro, this September 8, 2023 release by veteran metalcore band TENSIDE, delivers on …

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A Sight in Veracity – Leave God’s Men Alone

“A Sight in Veracity is a two-piece metal band from Western Australia. Consisting of members Bob McGonnell and Davin Tranter, the band made its inception in early 2019. Musically, their trademark sound has developed over the past few years into a duplicity of rhythm-heavy aggression and melodic sentimentality.” Wasting no time at all, Leave God’s …

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