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Robert Cowell – Skin and Bones (feat. Matt Harnett)

“Robert Crowell is a skilled musician and accomplished audio engineer from Knoxville, TN. His musical journey commenced at the age of 12, when he first delved into crafting rock melodies, and his passion has propelled him forward ever since. Drawing inspiration from iconic bands like Sum 41, Linkin Park, and Post Malone, Robert infuses his …

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Hana Piranha – Lorelei

“Nightmares, loneliness and dark desires are the driving forces behind the sound and world of Hana Piranha. Defiling the violin with a malevolent alternative rock sound, they take the audience on a voyeuristic trip of pleasure, anguish and shame.” This release from alternative rock project Hana Piranha is absolutely stunning. With a deep and brooding …

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Jacob Lizotte – Awake

“Jacob Lizotte, hailing from Warwick, Rhode Island, has carved a niche for himself in the rock and metal music landscape over the past 15 years. Known for his extensive repertoire that spans multiple sub-genres, from heavy metal and rock to progressive metal, power metal, and even nu metal, Jacob showcases a remarkable versatility. His collection, …

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