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xxxtentacion – SAVE ME (remix by Inverted)

SAVE ME (remix by Inverted) is a haunting and emotional reinterpretation of xxxtentacion’s original song from his 2017 album 17. The remix adds a dark and atmospheric trap beat that amplifies the rawness and vulnerability of xxxtentacion’s vocals. The song is a cry for help from someone who is struggling with depression, loneliness, and suicidal …

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Motokops 2000 – The Scarring has Begun

If you’re looking for a heavy dose of thrash metal with a sci-fi twist, look no further than Motokops 2000’s latest single, The Scarring Has Begun. The song is a blistering attack on the corrupt system that oppresses the masses and turns them into mindless drones. The lyrics are full of dystopian imagery and rebellious …

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Fight From Within – REIGN

Fight From Within are a new metalcore band from Los Angeles, California, and they have just released their debut single REIGN. The song is a powerful and aggressive track that showcases the band’s skills and passion. The song features heavy riffs, breakdowns, melodic hooks and dual vocals from lead singer Jake and guitarist Ryan. The …

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