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Squidhammer Metal – Damned, Jaded, and Doomed (ft. Stephen Behrendt of Toxic Ruin & Leighton Thompson of Micawber)

Damned, Jaded, and Doomed is a collaboration of metal fury, featuring guest vocals from Stephen Behrendt of Toxic Ruin and Leighton Thompson of Micawber. The song is a testament to the bandโ€™s resilience and determination, as they overcame several lineup changes and personal challenges to create their most ambitious work yet. Squidhammer Metal unleashes a brutal anthem of despair and defiance, with help from two of Wisconsinโ€™s finest metal vocalists. The song is a sonic assault of groovy riffs, blast beats, and guttural screams, showcasing the talents of Squidhammer Metal and their friends from Toxic Ruin and Micawber.

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