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Space Hamster – Obliteration (ฮฑ Cen B)

“Space Hamster is metal band hailing from Brno, Czech Republic. The band first made their mark on the music scene with their debut album, “The Ascent to Nothingness” in 2019. With a cosmic&sci-fi inspiration and fresh take on death-core and death metal Space Hamster creates a unique and powerful sound that is sure to leave a impression. After a brief hiatus, the band is back and ready to unleash their new EP in 2023.”

A deathcore masterpiece, this September 2023 release from Czech death metal band Space Hamster features killer drum work and riff-heavy guitar instrumentals strung together with squealing and growling vocals. Filled with peaks and valleys, this track is not lacking in diversity of sound. Definitely an impressive comeback for a band that’s long been on hiatus.

Check it out below!

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