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Sir William Rooster


I think we’ve established that I’m bringing some of the most innovative sounds to you on the daily. Folks, today isย no exception.

Sir William Rooster is a virtuoso from Berlin, Germany. There’s no clear genre for this sound. His song Digital Hype Machine takes from Industrial influences, deep house, a little Bon Iver and probably plenty more I can’t even name. What I mean to say is that Rooster has a style completely his own. Drawing from more influences than can be counted, the mean is clearly a student of music and has no qualms pushing the limits.

Genre defying and progressive… are we starting to see a pattern?

There is a trend in music today and it is post-genre, post-locality. No longer are musicians constricted by their genre nor by the place they live. We have access to music fromย all over the world and it’s not going to stop.

Listen to Sir William Rooster and hear for yourself.

For more Sir William Rooster check out his Instagram, Spotify and Bandcamp.ย 


Underneath the flashy Trap sound that has dominated the pop charts for the past few years; there is a beast bellowing, waiting for its time.

An undertow of abrasive and subversive music is aching to hit a wider audience.

Welcome to the hub of contemporary heavy metal hip hopโ€ฆ

Welcome to All Metal Everything.

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