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Searching For A Reply – I’m Blue

It’s Monday and we forgot about Daylight Savings and so it’s been a confusing morning. Perfect for an out of the box cover song!

“Mr. Patrick Patrone hitting the pipe bomb, the Iron Vulture doing strange things to his guitar, T-Bone, incessantly keeping his sound juicy and raw, just like a good steak and last but not least Bass-T and the Hightower killing it hard on the rhythm section โ€“ Bam, in ya face! Searching for a Reply is a Band for people whose definition of luck is to be appointment-free and a little pissed, even better with Shane MacGowan in the background, babbling the sweetest songs about love, booze and the Irish Republican Army.”

Juicy and raw just like a good steak! That’s a perfect descriptor for this band’s style, let alone their instrumentals. In this hilariously unexpected rendition of Eiffel 65’s Blue (Da Ba Dee), German melodic metal band Searching for a Replyย gives a send up to one of the world’s most recognizable tracks of a whole generation, guaranteeing fanfare from their listeners. With a heavy handed and catchy metal take on the verses and breakdown, the band keeps a pop sensibility for the chorus, leaning on their masterful instrumentals to bring a pop classic to life in a metal soundscape.

Check it out below!

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