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Release Day Artist Spotlight: Sorry X

Phoenix, Arizona artist Sorry X is releasing her latest single today and we’ve had the good fortune of having an early listen and it’s a BANGER. Daisy is a metal cover of Ashnikko‘s track of the same name, and it is catchy to say the least. With an electronic production sensibility and a metal instrumental-ity, Daisy (Sorry X version) is loop-worthy and absolutely begging to be performed live. Along with this new release (linked below for your listening convenience), we also had a listen to some of her other tracks and picked out a couple of our favorites.

When asked by the local publication Shoutout Arizona about her work, Sorry X had this to say “I am a solo artist that is dedicated to bringing a new sound to the mainstream. I blend genres to create alternative rock with trap elements.”

When we talked with Sorry X, she cited artists such as Korn, Sleeptoken, System of a Down and Rico Nasty as her influences. We took a listen to two other tracks from Sorry X and her collaborations to see for ourselves where these influences come into play and here’s what we thought:

TAROT stuck out to us almost immediately, not only for the title but also for the way Sorry X leads us in with a sense that this could be a ballad, but transforms the track into a heavy grinding journey and collaboration with artist Sinizter.

RENT FREE is where the above cited influences really shine their light through Sorry X’s work. With an immediate beat drop that progresses into a hard rock instrumental production, this track is slow but hammers its point of heartbreak home almost effortlessly. Lyrically, we have to applaud the writing that works so harmoniously with the guitar and percussion on this track.

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