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Principius – Malady

“Principius is a female fronted melodic death metal band from Montreal Canada. It was formed in 2019 and now consists of Axelle Doyon (vocals and lyrics), Hugues Berger-Pelletier (guitar, music and lyrics), Louis-Philippe Montoya (guitar), Jeremie Henneuse (bass), and Michel Gagne-Bouchard (Drum). Their music showcases strong guitar harmonies, fast drums and complex vocal performances.”

With multi-layered and fast paced lyrics, the vocals on this track from Montreal death metal band Principius are truly next level. With clean vocals from front-woman Axelle Doyon interspersed between guttural screams of high octane and high energy verses, Malady, which was released in January 2023, is a highly dynamic track with lots of fascinating layers of experience.

Check it out below!

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