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“POLYACHi is a dumpster fire duo hailing from the Midwest wasteland of Iowa. Our sound is a trashy blend of punk, metal, and industrial noise. Our lyrics are a vomitous spew of introspection and heartbreak, often dwelling on themes of isolation, intimate relationships, and dopamine mismanagement. We revel in our own misery, exploring the depths of human depravity and wading through the garbage juice of the 21st Century.”

This release from last month by Iowa noise rock project POLYACHi is a lyrical masterpiece, and that’s not a word we throw around too often. But it’s an appropriate description for this short but powerful track.

“Ratchet, a tragic scene, idol, legend, ghost machine.ย 

Throw dirt on me, water into dopamine.

Cat tongue, throat slit, anxious, gaslit.ย 

Red flames, green light.ย 

Cold eyes, just my type.”

(on an unrelated ADHD multiverse side note, once upon a time there were two scrapped tracks from a Lady Gaga/Azealia Banks collaboration called “Ratchet” and “Red Flame”. The demos can be found on Youtube and they’re honestly pretty fire.)ย 

Aside from the lyrical prowess, the band also boasts some pretty incredible vocals and steady instrumentals that offering a sturdy foundation for their lyrics to really shine.

Check it out below!

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