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Parham Gharavaisi – Wishgranter

Wishgranter is a song by Parham Gharavaisi, a solo metal artist who has released nine full-length albums. The song is the sixth track on his latest album, The Video Game Album, which is inspired by and dedicated to different video games or series. Wishgranter is based on the game Twisted Metal, a vehicular combat game where the winner gets one wish granted by a mysterious figure called Calypso, who often twists the wishes in cruel ways. The song lyrics describe the twisted wishes of some of the characters in the game, such as Sweet Tooth, a psychotic clown who drives an ice cream truck armed with rockets. The song also references the carnage and destruction caused by the contestants, who use various weapons and vehicles to eliminate each other. The song has a melodic metalcore style, with heavy riffs, fast drums, and harsh vocals. The song was released as a single on September 1, 2023, and can be streamed or downloaded from various platforms.

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