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Of Night And Light – Dark Passenger

“Of Night And Light is an independent three-piece post-hardcore/alternative rock band formed in Buffalo, New York in 2015. The band consists of Joseph Kinem (guitar, vocals), Cameron Thibault (bass, guitar, backing vocals), and Nick Badeau (drums).

Inspired by the genre-bending styles of bands such as Thrice and Saosin, Of Night And Light combines dynamic vocals with delayed, rhythmic guitar chops, aggressive overdriven bass riffs, and eclectic drum fills to create a full-bodied sound that moves from the quiet, effect-laden swells of indie rock to heavy instrumentals and breakdowns more reminiscent of hardcore and metal. The band is noted for their raw, high-energy performances with the use of multiple vocalists, guitar effects, lively percussion and bi-amped/octave bass providing the illusion of a second guitarist filling out the soundscape.”

Dark Passenger takes you on a melodic journey beginning with its slow building drum and keyboard intro before moving full force into the lyrics “Bury what’s dead! How do we live with ghosts?”. Definitely a must-listen for any fan of melodic metal or post-hardcore!

Check it out below!

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