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NOBRO – Who The Hell Am I?

With pounding drums (McCaughey claims drummer Sarah Dion will “go down in history as one of the best drummers in the entire world”), shredding riffs from guitarist Karolane Carbonneau and bongo solos and keyboard licks from master of percussion Lisandre Bourdages – all topped with McCaughey’s confident, cocky yell and blistering bass lines – NOBRO are showing they are a rock and roll force to be reckoned with. They are not ashamed to admit that they have had their fair share of struggle, but they are resilient and tough.

Set your pussy free with NOBRO, a Montreal based party punk band with an infectious attitude and sound that hearkens back to the days of The Donnas and Veruca Salt. With a recent feature on the soundtrack of one of our favorite video games Gotham Knights, NOBRO is definitely in the undercurrent of culture today and bringing back some classic early 2000’s post Riot Girl band attitude with the a fun and upbeat sound that we all could really use right about now.

Check it out below!

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