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Monumentum Damnati – My Bloody JJ

The international project from Eastern Europe & USA. The band finally took shape in 2018. The grotesque masks that hide the participants’ faces as well as pseudonyms instead of names help to evaluate the band’s music more impartially. Under the influence of various experiments and horror-atmosphere songs focus around Melodic Doom/Death and Dark Metal with orchestrations.”

Released in March 2020, this track from Eastern European doom metal band Monumentum Damnati gives us the very doom metal blended with melodic sludge to the letter. Taking cue from bands like Gwar and Slipknot, this masked group creates a soundscape amid their anonymity that has a deep sense of mystique, to say the least. With heavy metronomic percussion and harmonizing guitar, their sound is complex and rich.
Check it out below!

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