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Mic Nickels x Method Man – El Matador (feat. DJ Keef WOOkie) [Bizzythowed Remix]

El Matador (feat. DJ Keef WOOkie) [Bizzythowed Remix] is a hip-hop song by Mic Nickels and Method Man, released in July 2023 as part of the El Matador (Remixes) EP. The song features DJ Keef WOOkie on the turntables and Bizzythowed on the production. The song is a hard-hitting track that showcases the lyrical skills and aggressive delivery of Mic Nickels and Method Man and has a dark and gritty sound, with heavy drums and ominous synths. The song is one of the four remixes of the original El Matador, which was produced by Mr. Cord. The song has received positive reviews from fans and critics, who praised the chemistry between Mic Nickels and Method Man, as well as the creative and energetic remix by Bizzythowed.

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