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Magh Wolf – Heavy Mother

“Magh Wolf is born from a process of integration of light and shadow of its own and universal. magh; originally as magicians were known; which means “the one who has power” and Wolf represents all that instinctive and wild part. Yerko born in Chile, creator of the compositions, developed as a filmmaker and folk rock musician, music that occupies rituals and ancestral ceremonies. Today he is in the high Andean mountains developing his magical connection with the priests of this territory. Initiated with the energy of lightning, he takes inspiration from this powerful energy and decides to integrate it into his new music, from there this Heavy Metal project “Magh Wolf” was born; His lyrics delve into the occult, magic, and the integration of light and shadow.”

Magh Wolf’s August 25, 2023 release Heavy Mother delivers an Iron Maiden reminiscent metal composition with soaring vocals and guitar solos/transitions and is accompanied by a music video that captivates with red film grain and lightning visual effects.

Check it out below!

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