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Lola Montez – Leave a Message

“No subject matter is out of bounds for NASHVILLE rock band LOLA MONTEZ. Fresh off the recording of their debut release, the band is intent on hitting a raw nerve with music fans far and wide.

Singer and frontwoman, INGA RUDIN, says โ€œWe like to hear each other out, not judge, and let the music flow.โ€ This is echoed in the diverse sound of the group, also consisting of guitarist BLAKE SCOPINO and drummer KURT PIETRO.”

With electronic concepts and instrumental influences melded seamlessly with progressive metal vocals, broken up here and there with the crooning of frontwoman Inga Rudin, this March 2023 release from Nashville band Lola Montez takes us on a truly fascinating and unique sonic journey. The entire time we were asking ourselves “What are we listening to right now?” but loving every moment.

Check it out below!

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