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KreatureLaGoth – “9GOTH9DRIP9”

Once again, New York is ahead of the game. Kreature is a local Bronx legend who continues to innovate across his aesthetic.

His music can be described as stunningly raw while also intricately crafted in a way that inspires shock and awe to those not acquainted. KreatureLaGoth delivers sounds and vibes as if they were summoned by a diabolical entity.

While possessed by the Bronx natives tracks you feel the urge to mosh and rage like never before.

His latest video and track “9GOTH9DRIP9” culminates modern Trapmetal sounds with the classic horror-core spell Kreature cast on us years ago. The video shares a glimpse into the daily ritual of raging that has become the norm for Kreature, Breezy Supreme, Alice Crow, and the rest of the scenes Ragers.

The video takes place in the Bronx Native store. Each transition draws you deeper into the dark waters of the track with vibrant glowing hues and glitchy transitions reminiscing of an old Japanese horror film found at a thrift.

Kreature takes us into the heart of the Moshpit where he reigns supreme and his raw energy leads the crew. His guttural vocals had our team ready to throw hands and tear apart the room. This track is an instant favorite of ours by Kreature and brings a deep sense of the unkown.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think! We also have curated a selection of our other favorite slaps from Kreature under the credits.

🎥 Starring:
Breezy Supreme
Alice Crow
Proof from Pink Tacos
Amaurys Grullon (owner of the Bronx Native store) + more!


Edited by babyflexfilms

Prod by Xateratsu STAY CONNECTED


EDITED BY babyflexfilms
Prod by Xateratsu


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