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Jackpipe – I Hate You More

“JACKPIPE is as crude and fun loving as a heavy metal and hardcore crossover band can be, with all of the gruff bigmouth charm and deeply buried (but ever present) endearing sentiment that helps define the Big Apple. These are four guys weaned on Howard Stern, Andrew Dice Clay, and S.O.D., armed with big riffs, bigger pitchers of beer, and the biggest of belly laughs.”

Perfect for your midweek takedown or your inevitable bad temper during these troubled times, I Hate You More, released last month, from NYC’s “most boisterous musical wrecking crew” is a straightforward diss track with a huge sense of humor. Who are they dissing? Everyone, but especially you!

“I hate that girl at the pizza place. That guy at Starbucks, I hate his face. That stupid bitch at the laundromat, I hate my neighbor and that fucking cat.” The list is endless and sometimes even imaginary: “Dorothy and that little dog too” or vague: “I hate that band that plays that song.”. Down to the very specific “Hate billionaires building rocket ships, Facebook friends and their politics.”.

But you get the point. There’s no one they “hate more than you”.

Check it out below!

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