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Irrenoid – I Am (All of Me) / Shadow the Hedgehog (Crush 40 Cover)

The song I Am (All of Me) / Shadow the Hedgehog (Crush 40 Cover) by Irrenoid is a metal cover of the main theme song of the video game Shadow the Hedgehog, which was originally performed by Crush 40. The cover features vocals by Victor McKnight, Noah McKnight, and Penny Parker, who are known for their roles in the Sonic Real-Time Fandub series. The cover was released on August 20, 2022, and has received over 500,000 views on YouTube.

The song lyrics express the inner conflict and identity crisis of Shadow, the anti-hero protagonist of the game, who has to choose between being a hero or a villain in different scenarios. The song also reflects the dark and edgy tone of the game, which was criticized by some fans and critics for being too violent and inconsistent with the Sonic franchise. However, the song also has a catchy and energetic chorus that invites the listener to walk into Shadow’s mystery and see all of him.

The cover by Irrenoid adds more distortion and heaviness to the original song, creating a more intense and aggressive sound. The vocals are also more raw and expressive, conveying Shadow’s anger and determination. The cover also includes some original guitar solos and riffs that showcase Irrenoid’s skill and creativity as a musician. The cover is a tribute to Crush 40 and their influence on the Sonic music scene.

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