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HÖST – Ashes from a plague

“Höst is the creation of Filip Leo, previously in Corporation 187 that released the critically acclaimed album Perfection in Pain exactly 20 years ago. In fact, the new HÖST album will be released on the exact same day, November 4th. The songs on “Nightmares and goals” are very varied but consistently melodic and technical. Pehr Severin och Filip Leo is singing on this album and the lyrical theme is dark reflections on the present we live in.”

This classic take on melding melodic and death metal is a real treat for us. With atmospheric guitar work that transition between soaring chords to set the mood of the chorus to grinding riffs that punctuate the verses, every detail is thought about. The vocals are reflective of the band’s stated goal of outlining the dark present of today’s world. The first single from their album Nightmares and Goals, Ashes From a Plague was released in August 2022 in preparation for their album debut.

Check it out below!

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