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Greed Culture – Break Through Sight

Break Through Sight by Greed Culture, a hardcore band from Los Angeles, California, is the second single from their debut EP, The Death Of Us, which was released on September 8th, 2023 on all streaming platforms. The song showcases the bandโ€™s ability to blend modern hardcore and metalcore elements into a compelling sonic experience and features aggressive vocals, catchy and progressive guitar riffs, complex basslines, and exceptional drumming performance. Break Through Sight incorporates diverse sonic ingredients borrowed from beatdown and post-hardcore genres, resulting in a more powerful, dynamic, and unique composition and is about overcoming obstacles and challenges in life and breaking through the sight of negativity and despair. The song has received positive reviews from critics and fans alike, who praised the bandโ€™s talent and musicianship. Break Through Sight is a testament to the bandโ€™s ability to push boundaries while staying true to the roots of the genre.

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