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Fit For Rivals – Bad Bitch Supreme (feat. GRLWOOD)

Okay, y’all, it’s rare that we find a project done by people who actually seem really fun and relatable, but these guys are it. The antithesis of “Metal Bro” culture! In fact, before even listening to the track, we watched the behind the scenes vlog posted by Freak Machine Records (linked below) about the recording of Bad Bitch Supreme and we were immediately sold on it.

The song itself did not disappoint either. With a juxtoposition of hard and soft vocals from GRLWOOD paired with some really fun and humorous editing touches by Fit For Rivals, that include a xylophone and “helium voice”, Bad Bitch Supreme took us on a ride that shredded our faces into a million pieces and then blew a big pink bubblegum bubble as if to say “Wasn’t that fun?”.

Check out our new favorite below!

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