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Fear is the Mind Killer (A Film by Zheani Sparkes)


Written by Noah Møtion

The prolific Australian musician and model Zheani is poised to corner the international Metal Rap market. Her newest video for her song “Fear is the Mind Killer (which is on my playlist by the way) sets the tone for a last-lasting artistic career. Zheani is evidently unafraid of subverting and upending social norms; something that us here at All Metal Everything love to see.

The Virus and the Antidote production kept me guessing… it begins with a smooth yet groovy guitar sample that’s stuck in my head even as I write this. This riff could be the opening for an indie rock song from the mid-2000s. But then when the beat drops and Zheani’s vocals come in… oof.

This shit hits hard.

The plot of the video is simple; two young women get in a fight. They tear at each other, ears are torn up, clothes are ripped off. Zheani rocks a My Chemical Romance shirt while she pumbles the other girl into the ground. The camera shots are jarring and sudden… you feel like you’re in the room with them. Watching the fight first-hand.

Zheani is clearly an artist who puts a lot of thought into everything she creates. The title “Fear is the Mind Killer” will excite any listener with a longing for high-quality content and provoke a strong reaction even for those who are more passive. I asked her what the thinking and meaning behind the video was and she told me;

“In a way the fight is a metaphor.
I’ve been working hard lately in order to incorporate my shadow, the darker side of my subconscious, more fully into my persona.
When people approach the world they often try to focus on positivity and this leaves large parts of themselves, the deeper darker pieces… suppressed.
By suppressing your shadow you only leave it to run wild. When you don’t acknowledge it and maintain control over it, your shadow manifests in other ways.
Whether it’s your instinct towards aggression and anger or the darker side of sexuality as an example.
Whatever it may be, I feel as though the best way to approach the world is by fully connecting all these disparate pieces of yourself into one individuated force.

Now I’m a female and in the video there are girls fighting. I feel like this is quite purposeful. Usually girls express their aggression very passively. We squabble and do small subversive things in order to get at each other. So in this sense I feel like it is layered. Not only is it a metaphor for me attempting to unite my shadow with my conscious self,
it’s also an affirmation, almost a warning to people who have mistreated me. Depending on how much you know about my life depends on how you will read into that.
I’m trying to create balance and with relation to my music, that is the outlet for the darker side of myself and for the more aggressive side.

I think that’s why the girls fight.”

For the rest of my interview with Zheani click here.

If you want more from Zheani check out her Instagram, Spotify and YouTube.


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Underneath the flashy Trap sound that has dominated the pop charts for the past few years; there is a beast bellowing, waiting for its time.

An undertow of abrasive and subversive music is aching to hit a wider audience.

Welcome to the hub of contemporary heavy metal hip hop…

Welcome to All Metal Everything.

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