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Ducey Gold – Better Alone

“From the coast of North Carolina, Ducey Gold has been featured in the 2K21 Next Gen Sountrack as well as blogs like Lyrical Lemonade, Elevator, Daily Chiefers and more… While also releasing music consistently for 3 years Ducey has also been featured in Complex Magazine as a featured model in Complex Magazine for his appearance in the look book for Will Smith’s 30th Anniversary collection.”

With a slow lo-fi beat and fast-paced lyricism, this September release from North Carolina rapper Ducey Gold delivers a juicy sounding addition to the hiphop world. Propping up the hustle culture is a typical trope in hiphop these days, but the lyrical sentiment from a young rapper is inspiring, nonetheless. We’re excited to see where he goes next!

Check it out below!

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