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NO LOVE by DEADSKIN is a song that is a raw and brutal expression of the pain and anger caused by a neglectful and abusive parent. The song is performed by DEADSKIN, a metalcore band from Melbourne, Australia, that is known for their heavy and aggressive sound. The song is from their upcoming EP What Do You Count To Fall Asleep, which will be released on November 11, 2023. The song also has a music video that features the band playing in a dark and industrial setting, as well as scenes of a young boy who commits suicide after being tormented by his father. The song has a fast and intense tempo, as well as a distorted and eerie vocal style. The song also features some guitar solos that add some flair and emotion to the song. The songโ€™s lyrics are written in blood on the wall, โ€œTo whom it may concern / This is my orchestrated suicideโ€.


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