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Dead Wolvs – Save Yourself

“Formed in 2018, Illinois based Dead Wolvs is a creative outlet of expression for each member to break free from the shackles of past projects, emphasized by the passion and sonic aggression of their debut material. (The band’s 2021 album) ‘What Doesn’t Kill You’ was self-recorded and produced, with collaborations from Grayson Stewart of Norma Jean (‘Everything I Fear’). Since its release ‘What Doesn’t Kill You’ has garnered thousands of streams and provided the foundation needed for their highly acclaimed, highly energetic live performances.”

Now Dead Wolvs is striking true to their tenure and growing experience with the February 16, 2023 release Save Yourself. And like the band’s self-produced and recorded 2021 album What Doesn’t Kill You, the single does not disappoint and delivers the perfectly balanced sonic rollercoaster that any fan would hope for. Wasting no time on drawn out instrumental intros, Save Yourself jumps right into speeding drum and bass and soaring vocals almost immediately and carries us through with brief slowed transitions and bridges before shredding some more.

Check it out below!

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