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Daym – NINE

“In 2017 Daym made a debut through the outlet of electronic music. As a featured vocalist in the EDM pop realm, this helped to establish the singer as the grunge counterweight to the more glossy pop of the time. Based in Seattle and working with Fluencie, Daym supported live shows with the likes of Blackbear, Joyryde, GANZ, and Said the Sky. Then furthering their career as a supporting artist, Daym began to work with the hardcore popstar Tezatalks. From the lead guitar and backing vocalist for Tezatalks as an opener for FKA Twigs Afropunk in 2019, to going on an East Coast tour with famed danish singer Mร˜, it was only a matter of time before Daym got the chops to relinquish a solo project rising to the surface.”

Borrowing the opening chords from the Nirvana cut “Rape Me”, employing an aggressive sense of humor and cultural Easter eggs such as “let’s have a kiki, where my friends at” (a queer dog-whistle if we ever heard one) and “I can Super Smash Bro, black belt in Nintendo”, this latest release from producer Daym is a fun trip down an extreme sports layden rabbit hole. Taking us back to the days of acts like 3Oh!3! and Bloodhound Gang, this track is a welcome whiff of clever lyricism and levity on the breeze! The self-proclaimed “zillenial” delivers a 1-2-punch, flamethrower in hand, and poisons our water supply with Monster Energy.

Check it out below!

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