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DanielFromSalem – HEADCASE

DanielFromSalem is creating an impact with his unique style and sound. His blending of genres such as Trap Metal/Industrial/Nu metal paired with his punk rock and metal aesthetic really make for something interesting. Heartfelt and sincere song themes such as struggling with mentall illness and emotional trauma make for something special and worth checking out. His music has been garnering some attention being featured on many blogs and established YouTube channels. He currently has over 5million streams on Spotify. Be sure to check out his Music Videos on YouTube.

One of our favorite trap metal artists DanielFromSalem is back with another masterpiece! This release from earlier this month is a true melding of influences. With a deep echoing bass-line outlining the entire track, DanielFromSalem creates a melancholic trap anthem for the basket cases of the world.

Check it out below!

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