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Cruel Bomb – Caught in a Mosh

“Cruel Bomb is a three piece thrash metal band hailing from Wilkes-Barre, PA. Bringing heavy and fast thrash back to the scene following the roots that were laid by the Big 4. Established in 2018, Cruel Bomb is making a name from their cut throat riffs, high energy and love for their craft. Fresh off their second EP “Trinity Terror” they look to continue their momentum in 2020 playing from Chicago to up and down the East coast.”

Beginning with a very measured and enticing instrumental lead-in, this track from Pennsylvania thrash metal band Cruel Bomb is an impressive example of punk attitude combined with a classic thrash sound. With diverse changes in pacing throughout, Caught in a Mosh leads us through what could be imagined as a live recording from a show. The track immerses the listener and suspends disbelief so well that you’d swear you were listening to them live.

Check it out below!

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