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Crucified Delight – Bloodletting

Bloodletting is a song by Crucified Delight, an industrial metal band from El Paso, Texas. The song is the second and title track from their debut album, which was released on June 12, 2023. The song features heavy distortion, aggressive vocals, and dark lyrics that explore themes of self-harm, violence, and nihilism.

The song has been praised by fans and critics for its intensity, originality, and emotion. The band performed the song live at Incredibles Bar in El Paso on July 29, 2023, along with other songs from their album and a cover of Nervous Breakdown by Black Flag.

The song was written by Die Radical, the lead singer and guitarist of Crucified Delight. He also produced the album along with DJ Dismember, who plays keyboards and drums in the band. The song was recorded at The Dungeon, a studio owned by Die Radical in El Paso. The album cover art was designed by Gorey, a local artist and friend of the band.

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