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CORE – Dead

“Dead” is a song by the American rock band CORE, released as the lead single from their fourth album U.S. Tour in 2023. The song is a hard rock anthem that showcases the band’s signature sound, featuring heavy guitar riffs, soaring vocals, and catchy hooks. The lyrics are about the feeling of being dead inside and losing the will to live. The chorus repeats the phrase “I’m dead and I’m gone” several times, emphasizing the hopeless mood of the song.

CORE is a rock band with roots in Las Vegas and Austin, made up by the quartet with “Shredder” Chris Iorio on lead guitar and vocals, “The “Pounder Sounder” Brandon Lemond on drums, “The Bad Boy of Bass,” Jarrett Smith, and now, with the of newly added lead vocals of “Mad Man” Mark Morales. The band has released four albums, including the latest one U.S. Tour in 2023, produced by Kane Churko, a multi platinum Juno award winning producer/songwriter. The band is known for their hard rock sound, energetic live performances, and catchy songs that blend elements of grunge, metal, and alternative rock. Some of their popular songs include “Breakdown”, “Rise Up”, “Never Enough”, and “Dead Inside”. The band has also charted on the Billboard charts four times, and has won several awards and accolades from fans and critics alike.

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