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Coda Nova – Ganymede

“Coda Nova is an American progressive/alternative rock band from Atlanta. Formed during the chaotic times of 2020, the 4-piece group of music enthusiasts have brought new relevance to the progressive rock brand by capturing the timeless rock and roll elements of Floyd and Rush, while meshing in the common appeal of todayโ€™s modern rock and tipping a hat to artists like Coheed and Cambria, REM and Radiohead.”

The hat-tip described is very evident in the band’s vocals and guitar instrumentals. The impressive melody and musicality of Coda Nova truly shines in this July 2023 release. Invoking the name of Greek mythological figure Ganymede, the young cup bearer of Zeus and the basis of the constellation Aquarius, the track seems to call upon a broader way of thinking and seeing the world.

Check it out below!

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