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Cloudmaker – Dead Again

CloudMaker, the creative endeavor of Eric Frank, began in 2019 a solo project, exploring what was possible with vintage synthesizers and drum machines while intentionally never using a computer or modern DAW. CloudMaker has gradually transformed from its humble beginnings into a collage of industrial, darkwave and ambient noise, culminating in a unique style of its own. In 2021, Zach Smith joined the group on guitar, adding additional layers that range from distorted heavy riffs to melodic dream-like soundscapes. Primal Unity is the 4th release from CloudMaker and first full-length album. It explores topics of longing, faith, love and loneliness against a confrontational and dark soundscape. It is intended to elicit discomfort and embrace sadness…..yet you are loved, even in darkness.

Deep robotic and electronic percussion and vocals tell a story about intimacy that evokes some dark images in the mind. With a soaring guitar riff and a steady bass drum included in the track breakdown, this is a heavy industrial track that definitely deserves the attention of fans of the genre. Released back in June 2023, Dead Again in part of Cloudmaker’s album Primal Unity.

Check out the single below!

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