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Chromatized – Black Nails

“CHROMATIZED is a one-man project, created by swiss multi-instrumentalist Philipp Ott. Previously playing guitar in an underground punk-band employing unconventional instruments, he established a work-ethos that heavily relies on experimentation and learning-by-doing.”

Chromatized certainly lives up to his reputation of experimentation and self-taught musicality with his August 17, 2023 release Black Nails. The title of the track coupled with the project name, conjures an image of juxtoposition, of invoking color while simultaneously “blacking” it out. Musically, the track offers what we can only assume is a candid look behind the scenes at the experimentation in the opening verse, as the artist does a sound check before launching into synth-heavy instrumentals punctuated by gutteral vocals. The outro of the song offers a come-down from the soaring instrumentals that the duration has to offer, by bringing us softly back to earth with a few gentle notes on the guitar.

Check it out below!

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