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Ceschi Is An Underground Legend (The Gospel w/ Factor Chandelier)

Written by Noah Møtion

The story of Ceschi is the story of a true artist. An artist that hasn’t given up – because what’s the point? Honestly, if you aren’t in this for the long run – if you don’t absolutely love making music – then I wouldn’t recommend it. Ceschi is one of those artists that is in it for the sake of it – at least it seems that way. He has been active since as early as 2002 and is still making next-level music. His most notable album Broken Bone Ballads didn’t reach a huge mainstream market – but god damn is it good. I highly recommend it.

His latest release The Gospel is yet another example of Ceschi pushing the boundaries – defying all expectations. I mean, listen to this song. The Gospel is emotive and passionate. A call to a distant lover; whether physically or emotionally. Or maybe he’s talking with God? However you interpret this song I guarantee you will feel something. At 1:52 a horn section accompanied by a vibraphone kicks in… chills run down my spine.

Seriously, don’t sleep on this one. Easily one of my favorite songs by Ceschi and of the year so far. I’m honored to have the opportunity to write about legendary artists. After 17 years in the game, Ceschi hasn’t lost it a bit. In fact, he seems to only be getting better.

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