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The Future is BeautyCore (Gold Frankincense & Myrrh)

Written by Noah Møtion There is something in the air… there must be. We have been forecasting the revival of nu-metal and heavy music into popular culture for quite a bit now. At first, there was only an occasional niche artist that showed any promise. The scene has been developing and building and I think this …

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Pretty Vicious -These Four Walls

“These Four Walls” is Pretty Vicious at their best. Energetic, dynamic and engaging. If you’re a fan of My Chemical Romance this group is for you. There is a plethora of new wave post-punk that has made a big impact this past decade; Pretty Vicious is one of its rising acts. ____________________________________________________________________________ Underneath the flashy …

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Tyrant Xenos – Renegade VI

  Despite his name; Tyrant Xenos is a renegade. A subversive. A maverick. Someone that could totally disrupt the industry as we know it. Don’t let me bore you with a description… WATCH HIS VIDEO BELOW!!   This song goes OFF!!     Follow Tyrant Xenos on Instagram, Twitter & Spotify. ____________________________________________________________________________ Underneath the flashy …

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Charlee Bravo – Funni Bonez

At the age of 27, Charlee Bravo has garnered a significant following. He has a natural charisma and energetic sound that makes him distinct in an overly-saturated industry. Check out “Funni Bonez” to see what I mean. Check out Charlee Bravo on Instagram, Twitter & Spotify. ____________________________________________________________________________ Underneath the flashy Trap sound that has dominated the …

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