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Jacob Lizotte – Enemy Within

Independent artist Jacob Lizotte, of Dark Cabin Studios, released this track on September 12, 2023 and did not disappoint. This is an artist who has been quietly establishing himself behind the scenes as a songwriter/producer and the experience shows in this multi-layered composition. From heavy and hammering instrumentals to soaring vocals, Jacob takes us on …

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Animositi – Lead Villain

“ANIMOSITI blends elements of Electronic Rock, Experimental Industrial Dance Metal, and Hip-Hop to create a unique post-genre sound that is both electrifying and enigmatic. With concept-driven, thought-provoking lyrics combined with disturbing visuals and an overdrive vocal thatโ€™s hard to forget, ANIMOSITI is the monster in your closet that’s here to stay.” Beginning with a cacophany …

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1,000,000 Holy Mothers – Feathers & Hair

“1,000,000 HOLY MOTHERS are a Brighton-based sludge/grunge/doom/stoner thing. They use and abuse mighty riffs but temper the beef with soaring melodies and delicate intrigues. Their self-titled debut album is the result of 6 years of tinkering in a dank cave.” Released on September 14, 2023, Feathers & Hair is the latest release from Brighton alternative …

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Fit For Rivals – Bad Bitch Supreme (feat. GRLWOOD)

Okay, y’all, it’s rare that we find a project done by people who actually seem really fun and relatable, but these guys are it. The antithesis of “Metal Bro” culture! In fact, before even listening to the track, we watched the behind the scenes vlog posted by Freak Machine Records (linked below) about the recording …

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Chromatized – Black Nails

“CHROMATIZED is a one-man project, created by swiss multi-instrumentalist Philipp Ott. Previously playing guitar in an underground punk-band employing unconventional instruments, he established a work-ethos that heavily relies on experimentation and learning-by-doing.” Chromatized certainly lives up to his reputation of experimentation and self-taught musicality with his August 17, 2023 release Black Nails. The title of …

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