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“Eat the Pain” Zheani Speaks on Wealth Inequality and Hip Hop

Written by Noah Møtion Australian model and musician, Zheani, has just dropped a music video for “Fear is the Mind Killer” produced by Virus and the Antidote. I got a chance to ask her some questions. How has your experience as a woman in a genre dominated by men affected your experience, if at all? There …

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Origin Event: Death Grips

Welcome to Origin Event. In this series; I am going to attempt to discover the origins of the current metal trend in Hip Hop… Written by Noah Møtion ____________________________________________________________________________ When I was a teenager all I ever did was browse YouTube. I didn’t go outside much. I didn’t hang out with my friends really. I didn’t …

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  SWEENEY is a rapper coming out of the Boulder/Denver area of Colorado. For more SWEENEY follow him on Facebook. ____________________________________________________________________________ Underneath the flashy Trap sound that has dominated the pop charts for the past few years; there is a beast bellowing, waiting for its time. An undertow of abrasive and subversive music is aching …

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